Missing info linked screen problem

Ok… So I see that this issue has come up and I have found many topics on it. But I am 99% sure that my links are working but data is not sending to the next screen.

Example :

If you have a user log in or sign up -
They are sent to a Home page -
then on that page there is a list ( that is empty )
So you then click a button that send them to a page
that create a new entry for that list and it then send them back to the home page
The item shows in that list.

So then when you click on a item from that list it shows
another list of a different set of items
you then create a different item for a new list etc…

Why is the data not transferring…
In theory it makes sense but for whatever reason Adalo does like linking to multiple screens?

I did this just today creating a “shopping list” type of app.

A user creates an account, goes to the homepage with the empty list. The user then clicks adds an item to the first list. The user can click the first list to then view an empty second list. Users can then add items to the new list that’s nested.

So for this shopping list app. User registers > homepage. The first empty list is a list of shops. A user adds a shop. For example: Grocery Store. When the user clicks Grocery Store, they are taken to another empty list where users can add items that they need to purchase. Examples: Milk, Cheese, Eggs.

There has to be a relationship with List A and List B. List A can have many from List B and List B belongs to only 1 record in List A.

On the homescreen with the first list, when you click an item from the list, it sends the “current item” from the list to the next screen. You can use that as a filter for whatever the 2nd list is. So homescreen has “Shops > Logged in user shops” list. When clicked, it sends the “Current Shop” to the next screen. Filter the Items list by using Items > Current Shop > Items.

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