The modification of a user (database) involves the reset of the Password!

Hello everybody,

I believe I have found a BUG (if this is not expected behavior).

I have tried with multiple users and I always get the same result.
Changing information in the database about that user causes the password of that same user to be reset (I don’t know to what value).

I tested: Creation of a new user with a test password, logged out and login again, all working.
I entered the Editor, then in the database and opened that user, modified an information (eg “city”) after which I saved.

I tried to login again … “Wrong password”.

I think it’s a bug.

And this is absolutely not good, because we cannot risk resetting the password if we modify an information of that user in the “User” collection.

Hi @miticobeppe,

Just checked in one of my apps - I don’s see such effect. Editing a record in Users DB didn’t lead to a password change.

Did you try to check if the issue you see persists across different browsers?

Best regards, Victor.

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