Thinking about using Adalo, have some questions


I figured it’s best to ask users for their experience. I have been playing around with the Adalo editor and I created a nice app for my own company that I would actually want to use.

When I was looking at the subscription plans I noticed the limited “actions per month”. I did want to start out with the first monthly $45 subscription which has 10.000 actions per month. Will this limit actually be reached? I will be using it throughout the day for appointment booking and notes about my customers but perhaps other people already using it know what amount of actions to expect.

Other than that I would love to hear about other’s experiences and if there is anything I should watch out for on the long run.

Thanks in advance!
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Roy C,
It was a pleasure connecting with you directly.
Best of luck with your project, regardless of what platform you decide to go with.

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TL:DR for others who read this:
Adalo is great to create an app with ease and is perfect for a small business, scaling up brings more costs and issues regarding ownership and costs (such as the maximum actions per month). Other than that Adalo is probably the only one with such a great visual builder so for me as a small business, it’s all good.
(thanks to Isaac for the clarification on this)

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