Question about new pricing (monthly app actions)

Hi, I have a question about the monthly app actions:
Does executed actions also include links between two screens, sign ups, log in etc.?
If yes, how can a app with only 500 active users even survive with less than 100.000 actions per month??
And with 500 users you have almost no income at all, but you have to pay 200$ per month, so this doesn’t make sense.

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I was surprised to enter the Action Calculator. It reached 21,000. For this month, the number of users is 20. No one knows that every action is accounted for. If they know this vulnerability, one of them could reach a million actions. in minutes. Just click or create a bot. Imagine that you calculate an action for each user login. Or restore the password. This is considered a security loophole to put pricing in this way. Because any of us can harm anyone who owns Adalo. Just go in and fiddle with it and click any buttons. For a few minutes, so make the owner of the application lose and stop his program. Because I will be able to press over 1 million clicks. Please the decision maker of this pricing to review and think carefully that this is a wrong decision. This decision is considered a security loophole. Because everyone can harm any application made by Adalo


We have been with you for two years. Advice, go back to the previous price. Or everyone will think of leaving.


Unfortunately this is already happening, I’ve seen many Adalo users asking about other platforms on facebook no-code groups, they’re all asking about how to migrate from Adalo to other services, I really hope that this actions number limitation will go to an end, getting money is a business’s aim we know that but you have to do it with a product that people are willing to pay for and for the long run, here Adalo is playing the short term game and it’s not a good strategy


Imagine that someone is angry with the app and finds out that your app is using Adalo. it will click a million times. In order to stop the application and overwork.
If this policy is not modified. The cost is $200 per month, which equates to $2,400 per year. I will contact companies that create an app for me for less than $2400 and won’t pay an annual fee.I will have to pay once for life. With little money for hosting

Adalo we loved you, but maybe it’s time to leave with the new procedures policy.


Hi @jakob,

We understand your frustration, but the most effective way to help us help you is to communicate with the team directly. Please use this link to book a time with David to discuss your perspective and use this link to submit a support ticket if there are any bugs or issues. We are very happy to help you find solutions to problems.

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