Third or Fourth Results Keys Needed

I have tried calling this API to get “teams” without the ability to make it work. I have attempted every combination of results keys: no result key, “league” as the results key, “divisions” as the results key, “teams” as the results key, “league” as the first results key and “teams” as the second results key, etc. (all without quotations)

When I test, the results I want are showing in Adalo but it will not let me create a collection. Do I need 3rd and 4th results keys?

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@poolmunk I believe you issue is more to do with the format of the output rather than the results key.

Try passing the format requirement (JSON) in the url and see if you still face any issues.

Has this been resolved? I’m having the same issue where I cannot map the JSON results to the collection and this use case is not covered in the help files.