Ticketing Issue

I am building a ticketing app and one of the features is to have a limited number of available tickets. However, the issue is how can I ensure that users cannot book tickets more than what is available ?

I have thought of a couple of solutions, however, all of them have limitations and are not perfect. For example, creating another field with “temp available tickets” which is updated continuously as users add tickets, however, the problem is that when users leave the app without deleting the ticket, this number will be outdated and wont reflect the actual status of the available tickets. Also, one way is to update the actual available number of tickets as soon as customers add them to their basket, however, again the issue is that when customers leave the app without any actions and without paying, those numbers of tickets customer booked wont be reflected back into the database.

So is there a way to do this without using 3rd party?


Hi @busaidi ,

Quick solution is to decrease by small % of total ticket that is reserved for overbooked that have not been paid.

If your customer segment is just testing to book without paying immediately, this will not be effective.

To get better UX is when a user book a ticket, it should be reflected in availability, even before paying, in order to make sure the tickets are still there.

To overcome unpaid cart, you can continuously check for that collection and notify users before deleting them and bring back the availability.

To process with front end workflow, have a browser open all the time with auto refresh list that is filtered by a period when the cart is expired, then it will trigger actions to delete those abandoned bookings.

Thanks for the reply. How can I have a browser open all the time?

Turn off sleep mode, make the screen always on.

thanks… you mean having a phone 24/7 on??
If that’s the case then this does not seem like a good fix… having a phone 24/7 on is not a sustainable solution…
I am wondering if there is an easier fix?


That is frontend workflow needs, if you are looking for backend automation, consider make and its related needs to sync the data.

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