Time picker notifications

Hi, I have seen many conversations about time picker only which does not seem to be solved (since 2020!). Adalo promptly closes the conversations after 10 days without giving us solution. We have purchased the paid component from nocodemonkey but it did not help, it still has that annoying date. I am building an app for people with Parkinson and need daily pills reminders notifications. People need to choose the time of the day they take pills which repeats every day - we cannot ask them to set it up every day over and over again but it seems there is no other option in Adalo. A really deal breaker for us. Has anyone solved that problem? Anything maybe external to hook up through Zapier?

Adastacks has recurring push notifications that you can setup via API (custom actions). I helped a client set this up last week over a mentoring session.

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I had no idea about that one, cheers! Really good tip, thank you so much!

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