Zapier - appt reminders

Hey guys. Trying to automate some reminder notifications/emails/sms. I want to try to roll in the new zapier integration and leverage that tool, but curious if anyone has been successful doing it. I understand the process for setting it up (per the older tutorial video), but im wondering about things like changing event times, cancellations, etc. Hoping someone has done this with some good results. @Flawless, this feels like something right up your alley, but could be wrong.

Hey there @jromeo80

I use either Make, Adastacks & Abracadalo for this currently. I haven’t tried the new Zapier integration yet.

If I need to use a major automation tool, I prefer to use Make over Zapier.

Thanks so much. I think I am going to give Adastacks a shot. @pford gonna jump in today and check it out.

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