Time loop between each click

I would like to create the visibility of a button every 30 days after each click. This button is linked to a database, between a list of data and users.

Currently I haven’t found any way that allows me to do this.

I’m open to all ideas.

Thanks in advance.

What I would do is simply create a text or date field on the user, called “button click”, and on click add the “current time” action. You apply visibility by adding that “logged in user, button click” is after “30 days ago”. You can try it with 1 minute to check that it works.

Hope this can help you.

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Hi @theo1,

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I think you got the answer from Lofi. I’m sorry for interfering!

Or you can follow these steps by Victor. In here it has for 7 days. But you can add 30 instead of 7.

Thank you