Tinder-like COMPATIBILITY score advice

Hi All,

I’m still relatively new to Adalo and have already watched and familiarized myself with tutorials on how to make a Tinder like app… I’m now trying to go one step further and I’ve hit a developmental wall so to speak.

Can anyone please tell me the simplest way to go about making a COMPATIBILITY RATING? Each user would naturally need to fill out a form of questions and based on their answers would get a compatibility score/percent (i.e User1 has a 85% compatibility with User2).

Hope that makes sense? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!

Hi @Roland ,

You can check relationship filtering in Resources category in this forum.

Basically, users have traits so if their traits are contained each other, it can be indicators of matched or compatible.

Depending on what kind of answers they give, you also can have matrix of match, but this will need to get all combinations of those answers.