Match making between two databases

I’m just starting out, so I’m sorry if this is a dumb/obvious question. Any and all advice is warmly received :smiley:
My app aims to efficiently match resources (people) to tasks.

People each have a set of skills (eg ‘Fred is rated as 7/10 for Java and 6/10 for C, Fran is rated as 7/10 for her Java skills and 9/10 for HTML’).
Tasks each have a set of skill requirements (eg ‘I need someone to translate my C code into Java, so I need someone who is rated at least 5/10 for Java as well as C’).
I want users to be presented with a list of tasks they should be capable of doing, according to their skill ratings and the required skill rating (so in the above example, the task would be shown to Fred but not Fran).

I think if there were a small/finite number of skills, listing them out in the user’s database, as well as in the tasks database, would be fairly easy, albeit clunky with lots of ifs etc (although I’ve not tried!).
But, there are any number of skills - so I have another database of ‘skill levels’. So each user has many skill levels; each task has many skill levels.
I want to find the overlap of those matching user/task skill levels (or more accurately, where the user’s skill level is equal or greater than required by the task).
Ultimately, I want this to be a bit like a tinder app where users can swipe left or right to accept or reject a task which they should be capable of performing (eg from a sprint backlog) - but I can’t even get a list to compare databases like this.

Does anyone have any hints or tips of how I could approach this differently?


Hi @JustPhil ,

Maybe this thread can be helpful

This kind of thing need more efforts, unlike linking screens and showing lists.

Brilliant, thanks @Yongki, that is indeed very similar problem. Your solution works perfectly but I’m finding it really complex to reverse engineer and work out how exactly you’re doing it. I took your key advice from that thread and slept on it… and then slept on it a few more nights too :smiley:
I still can’t quite work out the process flow you’re following on your cloneable app on that thread.
Are you basically trying to implement a loop function with the action on the countdown timer?
Also, you have two relations in the Education Score, to Education. Why is that necessary?

@Helenakin , did you solve that problem? Do you have any advice?

Thanks so much!

@JustPhil I have opened the thread that is mentioned above so if you have any questions you can ask them there. :slight_smile:

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