Tip for new users: How to "lock" a checked toggle

I have a toggle (check box) that I want to “lock” so that it cannot be unchecked.

A few different solutions have been suggested, but I think I found the best one.

Directly below the toggle, I put a “checked box” icon. Then I made those two a group.

I set the toggle to be visible sometimes (only when the toggle is false (i.e. unchecked)). Then I set the checked box icon to be visible sometimes (when the toggle is true (i.e. checked)).

This means the actual toggle is only visible when it is unchecked. Once it’s checked, it gets replaced by the checked box icon (essentially a fake check box).

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 5.29.58 PM

Once the check box is checked, it cannot be unchecked.

Hope this helps someone.