Alternative to toggle button?

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Is there any alternative to the “toggle button” that has the exact same functionality as the toggle button (ie. true false check mark)?

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Alternative in what way do you mean or want?

Hi! i am hoping for a button that functions like the toggle button, but is not the toggle button.

Basically i need a toggle button that will connect to a collection other than the logged in user.

thank you

So the same functions as the toggle, but as a button not toggle.

Correct! Yes.

i contacted you about that…

Hi @Nb317 :wave:

You can use Two Icons with Visibility conditions.
Like the empty icon only visible if the true/false property is false and you can add a Update action to Update it to True and other one visible if the property is true and Update action to update it to False. And make the two icons touching and you can group them and you can check.

Thank you

But if you have a big app, this will be slow.

Yes. In that case I think the best is to use the toggle.

Thank you all!

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