To make the admob banner appear in your app

Admob banner is attached to the app registered in the Google Store. I entered the ID, but the banner does not appear. What’s wrong?

Hello, well please check these things :
1- Check if you entered the right App ID and Banner ID.
2- If you’re previewing from the web, the Ad banner won’t appear, you need to preview it as a mobile app.
3- Make sure you don’t click on see ads on your app without registering your device as a test device in Admob.
4- Make sure your account in Admob is not limited because if it was limited, your ads won’t appear until your account is active again.

Banner ads are displayed, but cannot be activated. What should I do?

Can you explain more please what do you mean by “cannot be activated”?

Advertising banners are exposed, but the content is not visible.

Yes, so did you check the things that i mentioned above? Because this usually happens if your account in admob is limited.

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