Ads from admob do not show up

Hi All,

I am exploring this feature of adding Admob component to the project and seems got stuck - ads simply do not show up in the app after it was released. I created a quick checklist, is there anything missing in it that you think might be a reason of the component not working?


  1. Integrate the component and make sure both App ID and Ad ID are added.
  2. Once the app is published, get back to Admob and link the app to the market in the app’s settings.
  3. Fill in all the details in the Admob account and receive a confirmation it’s up and running (received an email 18 hours ago).

Still, blank space instead of the banner. I am almost sure (based on the comments I saw on the forum) it requires a bit more time and I should simply wait more, but just in case, maybe you guys see something else that should be done on this matter (i.e. I am still not clear, should I create a campaign in the admob account page?)

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