Toggle custom states

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how to accomplish the following behavior?

My idea is to create something similar to a custom state in Bubble, where data/designs on a page are shown/hidden based on the click of a button or something.

For example:

  • A profile page can list “About” and “Services”
  • Each section sits on top of each other, but only one is visible at a time
  • When “About” button is clicked, the About section is visible and the Services section is hidden, and vice versa

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this behavior in Adalo?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @DHafner,

You can use inputs or user properties and update them with the button click and set visibility conditions on the components need to display.

Check here : Adalo show/hide function - #3 by dilon_perera

Let me know If I’m clear!

Thank you