Adalo show/hide function

Hello, I’m wondering if it’s possible to make two buttons. Button One shows the animation of the Lottiefile to all users on the screen. Button Two hides the Lottiefile animation for all users on the screen.
There is rain animation like this

Yes, it’s possible, and it’s a basic functionality of Adalo.

The action of the button changes a property/input value. You use that property value to determine the visibility of the element.

I would highly recommend reading Adalo’s documentation. This is covered there.


Hi @datuna22 ,

Addition to the great reply by Charles!

Made a video! : Rain On and Off.mp4 - Google Drive

In here I’m using a Text Input Component! If you are using the Users collection in your app you can create a true/false property and make the conditions based on that property!

And also I used numbers for the conditions to make this easier! You can use texts instead of numbers if that’s easy for you!

Thank you


thank you very much for this video
very helpful :heart: :heart:

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