Database list checkbox


I want to create a checkbox list (from database table) for multi-select. Is this possible ? I found a simple list but no checkbox options.

Thanks for help !

I made it with an icon - check_box_outline_blank. How can I change the image on click on the item ?

You can have 2 icons, 1 checked and another 1 unchecked, and control visibility based on the record value, and add action on each icon to change the value

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Like @mohmdfawzi you can do that or you can add a toggle into the list and do this!

Thank you

sorry for late response. Thank you @dilon_perera and @mohmdfawzi.
I placed a toggle and connected it with the database field. And it works well.
Now I try to add a button to set all toggles to false. Further I will save and create a history list, so that from all saved records one could be selected and the toggles will set.
It’s nice to work with Adalo

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