Top navigation bar - like Adalo homepage


In a desktop web app: How can I create a top navigation bar just like on Adalo’s homepage? (even without the sub-pages upon hovering)

Currently, the “top bar” only allows me to include icons… I want full text please.


Hi @TomBlue :wave:

You can add rectangles , texts , icons and create like that.

I created a simple one like this.

Thank you

Thanks! But then when I resize the screen (mobile-view) - the buttons and the logo “Dilon” create a mess… Going on top of each other

So you are creating this for the web right?

Check Adalo website from your phone. It has a menu with that categories.

So the rectangles and other ones are messy in the phone I think it’s because you created this bar on a web app. So that one is suitable for the web. I think you have to create a one for the Web and another one for the phone with a menu.

And you can check this component created by @Michael.

I hope this information will help you.

Thank you

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Thanks! I’ll use this app

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You need to select all the components, group them, and fix the group to the top.

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Wow!!! Mind=blown. Thank you so much, it worked! Thanks a million times

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And thanks for saying that! :white_check_mark: :slight_smile:

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