Track walking steps

Hi there, does anyone know if it is possible in Adalo to count the number of steps or distance travelled/walked and record it in the app?
If it cant be done with Adalo, does anyone know any ‘work arounds’? I know it can be recorded in another app e.g. Garmin Connect, is it then possible to copy it across to Adalo somehow?
I would love any comments or thoughts on this :slight_smile:

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It can’t be collected in Adalo, there’s no access to the devices gyrometer.

You could use an API call to sync that information stored in another app or elsewhere on the phone?

You’ll need to find an app that has an API you can call, have the user sync the accounts, then have a trigger to call the API.


Thanks for sharing this info this is useful. Keep sharing.

@Nicko54 Garmin has activity API, you can collect data from there and display in your Adalo App.


Thanks @bhanu, this is great.

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