Running app geolocation

Hello all, If I wanted to make an app for a user to be able to track their runs and compare data of distance run, average speed, elevation change, and this sort of thing. Is this possible with Adalo? If not, then would it be possible with Adalo when using a different backend?

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Unfortunately you won’t be able to do this in Adalo

You can’t track if the app isn’t open, out of signal, or very easily at all in the first place.

Hi Rozza, But, am I to understand that it would be possible to track the distance and speed of a run if they keep the app open? If so then… How to do?
“How to do”, may be a big question but just a hint to point me in the direction of your thoughts may get me started enough to understand what I am struggling with.

Best regards,Paul

Tracking distance and speed is unfortunately not doable in Adalo too.

I’ve been through similar exploration with another forum member recently. Their case was for driving which is a little easier, because we drive on roads which are mapped.

The work around, which is shonky IMO and only upto a very low MVP standard is…
Countdown timer, reload page, create location_log record.
Then have a 3rd party like make, xano etc concat all these markers together and send to Google Directions API. Which will assume a route between the markers and give a distance. You have the time from the 1st and last marker, so you can work out average speed.

Running across un mapped trails, google directions API will likely crumble and give you nonsense.

I would look for a whitelabel SDK that you can use in another platform or a coded app.

Hey Rozza, Many thanks for taking the time to send such a direct, concise, and understandable response. It is greatly appreciated!

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