Trigger Notifications Not Working at all

Happy New Years Everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m currently testing out “Trigger Notifications”. I have 2 Users that i created for testing purposes. My test is very simple: User 1 clicks on a button from a list of Users that triggers a notification to be sent to User 2. I have downloaded the Android app and installed it on two phones. I login with User 1 on one phone and Login with User 2 on the other phone. I click on the button to trigger the notification then i look at the phone to see if a notification was sent but nothing ever happens. Trigger Notifications doesn’t seem to be working. Or maybe i’m doing something wrong. Can someone please help? Thanks in Advanced…

There is an open issue for this right now. I had the same problem with any new apps I created. My older apps are working fine so it seems just new apps are being affected.

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Ah! Ok, Thank You. I will continue on my app development. Cheers…

We have the same problem. We assumed this was due to not being in the app store and it not working on the web-app.

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No, That’s not the issue. Triggering Notifications should work when you’re testing your app on your phone. It has nothing to do with your app being in the Appstore or Google Playstore for notifications to work. Hopefully the Adalo team will resolve this issue soon. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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