Trouble displaying QR Code in Base64

Hi everyone, I am currently having trouble displaying a qr code that is in base64 format.

The 2 QR Code components available at the marketplace work just fine for website URLs but I am receiving the QR code data in Base64 and when I put it as the “QR Code content”, the whole page turns white and nothing works anymore.

Can anyone tell me a way to solve this?

Or is it a problem with the components and is already being solved?

The max length of a QR code is 7,089 characters. How long is your base64 data? There is no difference to a QR code if the data is a url, regular text, or anything else.

My guess is that your data is too long for a QR code.

That’s not the problem, my data is composed of 3100 characters.

Can you press F12 to open the developer console and provide me with the error. I just ran tests, for some reason I get an error on 2,393 characters.

Here is 1,197 characters of base64 data (not 1,197 data characters, but 1,197 after encoding).’

Here is 2,393

Here iti is!
Apparently, the problem really is related to the data’s character amount. Can you help me somehow?

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