Two feeds – not displaying correctly

Hey there – I have an apps that has two social feeds: one for all posts and one for friends posts.

I believe I have things configured in a logical way, but for some reason when I toggle the feeds the posts for one are not visible (they are present and clickable but invisible).

My setup –– I have a Boolean for the feed setting: True/False, and a toggle in the nav that switches between the two.

The feeds are set to “sometimes visible” depending on the current users feed setting true/false.

If I delete the global feed altogether, the posts for the friends feed appear. Preview link below:

Hi @seanpritzkau,

Can we have a clonable version of this app to check your settings?

Thank you

Here it is! P+VO

Thanks! Can you try again by making the lists fixed type to none and resize that screen and keep the second list in bottom of the first list and not on top of the other? ( Couldn’t do it and send it to you due to not having access for my computer, unfortunately :slightly_smiling_face: )

Thanks for looking @dilon_perera –– the positioning seems to be getting me closer, but after stacking the lists below one another the app navigation gets moved up top.

Check this : ( I cloned the app again and I saw that you did that and what I did was resized the screen and deleting the tab bar and adding it again in bottom. Kind of hard to do it from the phone but I did it! )

And also do the same thing that you did for lists for the top bars too.

Thank you

Could you help me understand what you mean by resizing the screen? Are you pulling the canvas down so it shows all the content, or keeping it mobile height?

Looks like I was able to achieve what I was hoping for – I had some components in the lists that were set to fixed that were preventing from scrolling.

I mean inside the editor select that screen and adjust the screen height ( after selecting that screen you can drag that down from bottom or adjust that by going to the edit styles section ) and put the tab bar to the bottom. And the components will stay inside the screen.

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