Layout issue: 2 custom lists on top of each other


I’m creating a newsfeed. My app has a toggle that the users can use to “choose” which newsfeed they want to see: “All news” or “specific news”.

I created 2 custom lists that are linked to the same collection.
One newsfeed shows all the events, the other newsfeed shows the events filtered.
Everything seems fine in the editor but… the preview shows this display issue:

I tried grouping the newsfeeds, making them smaller and making sure they are well centered, not too big, etc. Nothing seems to solve this.

Any ideas?
Thanks :))

Hey @thib, could you take a picture of that same page in the editor?

here you go! Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Did you adjust the screen width at all, when you were creating and editing the lists?

Well I think that’s were the issue comes from but no I didn’t adjust it at all. It is a pure copy/paste so both newsfeeds should be exactly the same.

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