Two-State Chip List | Not toggling off previous selection

I’ve been stuck on this for 2 weeks :frowning:
I have a two state chip list component that lists types of chocolates available for user to select.

I have 2 Databases. 1 for Users, 1 for Chocolates
User can only have one type of chocolate, But Chocolate can have many Users’

Issue with this is, that I can only add action ( Update LoggedInUser ) to add the single chocolate, but on toggle off action, I see no option to remove the current chocolate from logged in user.

Screenshot 1444-06-02 at 4.19.14 PM

In both Toggle on and Off, I can only add the chocolate to LoggedInUser.

If I try to remove loggedInUser from the Relational Users column in Chocolate, I see this.

I tried many 2 many relation
That allows me to add and remove users from both databases, but a new problem occurs.
As it’s single chip, when I select another chip, it doesn’t toggle off the old one ( thus it doesn’t remove the user from chocolate db ).

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