How do I make a check box (toggle) work differently for different users?

@dilon_perera you helped with this before, but I need more!

I have a checklist with 3 items:


Each item has a checkbox (toggle)

Here’s what I want to happen:

Admin checks off Oranges

Regular users only see the unchecked items

Regular users can still check off items, but their checks don’t actually do anything. And the next time they reload the screen, their checks are cleared.

The purpose of this is for me to check off items we don’t need. (for example, we have plenty of oranges in stock). Users will not see oranges on the list, but will see that we still need apples and bananas. And as the user is shopping, they can check off the items as they buy them, allowing them to get what we need.

I know how to make the toggles update the database on my end, and I know how to create a custom filter so the list only shows unchecked items, but how do I make those two things work differently for Admins and Regular users?

Hi Michael,

I think you need a many to many relationship to store that user’s selected items. And another screen as a fake home to clear the selected items when entering the real home screen.

Maybe this video can help you!

You can watch Victor’s YouTube channel videos for that countdown trick. But I have read a Victor’s post that this countdown actions will become slow. Not sure if you can do something like this with a API. Maybe Victor can give some advice about this!

Thank you

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