Uber eats clone

Hello I am creating the clone of uber eats on adalo with all the exact features same design web app, admin mobile app customer seller and delivery as well restaurant space I would like to know how much I can set the price please thank you for your help

it depends how much your time costs you and where your customers are, most of the time.

If it helps: you can check on https://we.nocodeshare.co/ how much others are selling these for :slight_smile:

It’s complete template not same as the standard ones it takes from 2 to 3 weeks

hey @Walcon ! On our vision (as template marketplace) a dully template like this would be around $350 usd. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. See our marketplace here www.boglex.de/shop (currently working on it)

It’s not basic template it’s fully fonctionnal web app with mobile app for costumer restaurants uber driver and admin mobile and web app

Pricing is a huge subject with a lot of things to consider.

Check out this video, it’s pretty helpful. Pricing Strategy: How to find the Ideal Price for a Product - YouTube

Thank you for your help

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