Unable to Create External Collection due to Results Key

I am trying to set up an API with oura ring - I am doing everything right and the data is showing as it should on the full response. But I cannot click the create collection and it is saying “Could not find any results etc…” See screenshot. Any tips?

I don’t know what the Results Key is for the app I am trying to set the API key.

[FYI I am not a coder and very technical but I have followed the API docs on Adalo and Oura]

Hi, could you give the link for the API documentation? Will be easier to support you. Thank you.

Hi @kiwiincali,

Based on what I see here Oura API, I don’t think that you’ll be able to use External Collections for Oura API.

I’m not sure what app you’re trying to build. If your users are happy to get their own personal access tokens and store them in the app (see here Oura API), then may be you’ll be able to get their info with custom actions.

If you’d like to create something more centralized, then you’ll need to integrate Oauth2 Authentication, which is very non-trivial.

Best regards, Victor.

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