Unable to hide agenda view in Calendar

Hi, In the documentation and in the marketplace it states that the agenda view is optional in the calendar… so how do I turn it off as i only want a calendar?

Does anyone know? Is anyone from Adalo able to comment on how to turn the agenda off like their documentation states?


From memory (I haven’t used the Adalo Calendar in some time) but I recall the agenda view is compulsory for multiple records on a given day. Only if a records exists once on a given day do you have the option to revert away from agenda view. I would try the Advanced Calendar by NoCodeMonkey.

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Hi @Fred,

What Keith said :point_up_2:

Maybe a setting for turning off will be a feature request!

Here it is : Advanced Calendar for Adalo | NoCode Monkey
And they have another one too! : Markings Calendar for Adalo | NoCode Monkey

Thank you

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Hey @dilon_perera
So we actually have two calendar components.

Here is the advanced one.

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:man_facepalming: Forgot that! Sorry :slightly_smiling_face: Post updated! Thanks Michael for informing me about this!