Can Adalo Calendar Display as a list instead of an agenda

Hi All,

I want to have a list show up (the normal bars stacked) when a day is clicked on as opposed to an “Agenda” view. Reasoning because there are many items in one day and list would be more visually appealing. Maybe an action that detours you from agenda view to a new page with a list?

This is the “Agenda” view I am referring to

Also I would like to apply the “Calendar strip” features as well once in the list view. That way users can click back and forth on days instead of having to go back to the calendar view… the problem is… I literally have no freakin idea how to use the calendar strip. I cant figure out how to link it to a list or a data base to generate its own list.

This would be the view of the List with the “Calendar Strip” on the same page:

Any other work arounds you might suggest? I am trying to use a external data base list from Google Calendars if that helps.

Hi @huntertige ,

Forget the ‘Calendar strip’ it has bugs that are unfixed. Use the @Michael NoCodeMonkey version instead

Instead of Agenda View, you need to ‘Run an Action’ and that action will open a screen, where your desired list will reside.

On your new screen…
To filter the list of calendar events, you may be able to reference the new calendar strip component in the filters of your list. OR you may have to store the Calendar strip selected day in your Logged in User collection, and then filter your list based on that stored value, I’m not sure I haven’t used the nocodemonkey component yet. But I can tell you the original Calendar Strip has issues - avoid it.

Good luck


Whoa, sorry I didn’t realise this Agenda view was baked into the component.

If you had a list of all dates in a collection - just like a calendar 365 days a year.
Use that as the source for the calendar, then there will only ever be 1 event per day.

Clicking the days should then only ‘Run an Action’

Otherwise, there are other Calendar components from nocodemonkey and others, maybe they can break the chains of the Agenda view for you.

Yes you are right, NoCodeMonkeys Calendar Pro/Advanced Calendar is super versitile. And you can easily click the button of the date and filter the events on that day in a list. See second screenshot for settings.

To filter the list correctely you need 3 Or Filters set up. This is so that it can pick up events that runs through a given date on a date. Current Adalo calendar cannot do this, and the current Adalo calendar will not add a “dot” for an event that runs through a given Day. For example If I have an event that runs from the 1st to the 3rd. The Dots will show on the Start Date (1st) and End Date (3rd) only, not on the 2nd (middle date).

To Filter the list, theres actions set up on clicks of marked and unmarked day, this then updates the logged in User Temporary Date Fields for Start and End.

See below the Or Filters set up:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I may be wrong but I dont think you can acehive what you are looking for with any other calendar.

Speak to @Michael he’s the master of his own component.


Thank you! I’ve been messing with it for the past couple of days and have been thinking “theres no way this a finished feature yet” Will check out the nocodemonkey

I have been using the advanced calender strip from nocodemonkey and its not really any different from the free money on market place. (this is when you’re trying to do the stacked list of event). You just need to set a varible for the logged in user that is the date you want to display.

Then on the component the action for clicking on a date will be to update the logged in users “calender date” variable.

Then just have a list of events that is filtered by the date held on the “calender date” variable.

For the bigger calender, I am not sure its possible to do for free unfortunately.

The calender from adalo marketplace has the option to either open an agender view or do another action. If you did another action and linked it to a new screen that shows the list of event then that could work couldn’t it?

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 9.57.21 am

The catch is, that it will only happen if the calender is displaying one event on that day.

I think you could work around this by only having it recognise one event. The user would never actually know what the dot is relate to because every time they click it, it will just take them to the new screen

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