Unable to publish app - Build time remaining is going to negative

For 4 days I have been having issues publishing my app on google play and apple store. I deleted the old version of the app and created a clone of the app but no difference. I also changed the name of my app but nothing is working.!
Problem Publishing app|690x314

Hi @Ayo,

May be it is a good idea to submit a support ticket here: https://info.adalo.com/submit-a-support-ticket
Please don’t forget to use the same email which you’ve registered in Adalo.

Best regards, Victor.

I have sent a ticket but no reply for 2 days now.

Can’t publish either.

And support is non-existent it seems.

Support is very existent, believe me :slight_smile:

We do not work over the weekends so you may expect a delayed response during those days but we will get to your request and respond.

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