Unable to publish PragmaFlow WebView control to Adalo account

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I am trying to install the adalo-webview control from PragmaFlow into my Adalo app. I am aware that the PragmaFlow website installer is not working currently and, after some pointers from users on the discord group, followed the following video to manually create the component to add to my account:

I followed the steps in this video to successfully install the Arbitrary Javascript control to my Adalo account. However, when I tried the same steps for the WebView, I got the following error while trying to run npx adalo publish:

I’m not sure what to do from here. What am I missing?

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Maybe @James_App_Maker , @Flawless , @Mitch-Pragmaflow and other component devs can help here?

Thank you

The error states that it’s missing the manifest. The manifest file is what displays all of the options on the left sidebar panel of a component.

Check to see if the manifest.json file exists in that directory.

If it’s not there, redownload the package and try again.

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Hi all
I have this error

Please help me

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