Unlock premium content with in-app purchase

Hi - I have an app that has content in and I want some of it to be behind an in-app purchase. I have got the in-app purchasing component working but how can I show the content on the home screen but ‘lock’ it for free customers with an icon or something so if they go to play it they can’t and go to the upgrade page?

I have set up fields in the user database and content database to mark if the user and content is premium but struggling to find a way to display premium content but not allow it to be played until someone upgrades.

Please help.

Screen shot attached.

I’m still relatively new to this but I believe you have to set up conditional actions to your links and have more than one. On the advanced tab select ‘sometimes’ rather than ‘always’ for when to carry out the action.

So you would link to the content, sometimes, if logged in user has paid is true etc

Will link to separate purchase screen, sometimes if user has paid is false.

I hope that helps you out. If not or I’ve misunderstood your issue, you’ll have to wait for one of the more experienced users to chime in.

That worked perfectly. Thank you

No problem. I’m glad.

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