Unsupported Type XML when adding External Collection

I got access to an API and they offer results in html and xml only. Since I’m getting an unsupported error when I try to access the API, is there a way to convert the data so I can use it with Adalo? Would using Parabola help with this issue?

Hey there @_jterrell

I’m in the same boat.

There is a parser API you can use here: https://nocodeapi.com/xml-to-json-api

However, for more complicated XML conversion functionality, you may need to hire someone skilled in that area of expertise.

I’m interviewing freelancers on Upwork right now for someone to help with a specific JSON to XML conversion and receive the XML response and convert it to JSON.

Thanks Flawless, I’ll check out the paser on NocodeAPI. Let me know how your hiring goes.

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