XML API - nocodeapi


I would like to integrate an API that unfortunately can only do XML.
Via nocodeapi I would like to convert this to JSON, but already fail at the authorization.
Is there anyone who is familiar with nocodeapi and can help me with the setup?

Thanks, Dennis

I can help you with that. Do you mind sharing the endpoint?

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Yep? :slightly_smiling_face:

Tagging @Flawless here too because I saw somewhere that he said he used this API! ( hope I’m correct :sweat_smile: )

True @dilon_perera, I have used an XML API with nocodeapi before. Actually twice.

My first attempt was successful using “Bookmanager” which is formatted in XML.

My 2nd attempt was with “Bowker” which also is formatted in XML. and I could not get that one to work as the authorization wouldn’t work.

It’s hard to say without knowing which API you are trying to tap into. I’d say it’s about a 50/50 chance of getting an XML API to work with Adalo.

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Honestly the easiest way is if you know a bit of coding, you just create your own API which convert the XML to JSON and make it work.

I´m not able to do this. Are you?