Unused code and resources being sent to users

Hi everyone,
I tried publishing my app on Google Playstore but I received these error messages in the picture below. The size of my app is big and am surprised why it is so. Can anyone please help me figure this out. @Victor

Hey @William-Abrefa!

Try looking at the Adalo help docs again for publishing to Googe Play Store.

If the problem still persists submit a support ticket to the Adalo Support Team.

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We are working on ways to reduce the file size of our apps. However, at this time, we do unfortunately include extra code that may not be being used specifically in your app when it is built. This is simply due to accounting for various different scenarios where it “may” be required.

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Thank you very much, James.
I have and I am awaiting a response from them.

Alright. There is no possible way to reduce the size?

Frankly speaking, the size of my app compared to my competitors is 4x and that will deter potential users from downloading my app.

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