Dont want to publish in google store

I have a question, please.
We want to create our app more “android suitable” without publishing it in the Google store.
We need to install the app locally on some tablets.
With the link you provide, the app doesn’t “fit” to the tablet view.
The pictures and clickable features are not looking as they look in the Adalo builder.
What can we do?
Do we have to do all of this Goole path?

Hi Avigalim,

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Once you finish this step while adding your Android Credentials and App Settings, Adalo generates an APK file that you can download on any android device.

Here is an example of what it looks like.

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Thank you for reaply
I’m not sure how it goes from here - the data is now storage in my Firebase? Where will the information will storage after we install the APK file on tablets? do i have to use only Firebase?

Thank you

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