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HI. I am need to create a change password page. I would like to make so the logged in user has to enter current password and be verified against the existing password before entering new password and confirming. The problem is that the password field to compare input to it

We tried that and had no success.

Here’s what we did:

  • When the user clicks to update the password, we instead send an email to them with a verification code.
  • They have to enter that verification code to move to the next step, which is the step to update the password.

Yes I did that for forgot password but was trying to avoid it for just changing the password. I guess I can use the same custom action with a different email time plate from Abracadalo. I guess that is the way to go. Thanks

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Hi @shonesto ,

This is an example app for asking password, you can use previewer to try what it looks like to experience it.

Thanks so much, I will check it out

I checked out your screenshots. Unfortunately, it does not solve my problem. If you ask for the old password you need to be able to compare it the password that actually exists. I can’t seem to find a way to do this. Maybe making your demo cloneable might give more insight as in how to accomplish this. Thanks

Password should be treated that way, unless you tell the user their password is temporary, so they don’t bother if anyone knows it.

This would be a paid example app, if you are still interested, we can discuss on that thread.

I think I am going to go with the custom action that I already have setup for “forgot password” which will just email them the code to reset their password. Thanks though my friend

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