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Hi Community, I am creating an app where users are already pre-loaded in the database with preset first time password. I don’t want to go through forgotten password and email. I saw this:

I need to create a form to let user update password (set the button to update user) but how do I make the pw visible? How to have another field to confirm password before allowing user to make the change?


Hi Mae,

Use 2 inputs and a button.

First input as a Password input. Name it “Password Input”.

Second input also as a password input. Name it “Confirm Password Input”.

The button should have a visibility setting where “password input” is equal to “confirm password” input.

Group the “confirm password input” and the button together and set the visibility of the group to only visible when “Password input” is not equal to empty.

This will only display the first password input when the screen loads. Then, once a user starts typing a password, the confirm password input appears. Once the password input and confirm password input match each other, the button will appear.

Set the action on the button click to update the user’s password with one of the 2 input fields (doesn’t matter which since they’re both the same).

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