Updating 2 collections with one button


I am working on a birthday reminder app. I have two collections - 1 is for the profile (name, date of birth, notes, etc.) and 1 is for birthdays (profile name, date of birth). I’m using the “Form” component to have users create a new profile. When they click the submit button, a new profile is created. I also added another action to the submit button - to create a new birthday. This also works and creates a new entry under the birthday collection.

User can also click on the profile to update it. Again, I am using a “Form” component to update profile information. If they change the date of birth, and click the submit button - it updates in the profile collection. I tried to add another action - update birthday but that was not available. I then tried creating a relationship between profile and birthday. When I click “add another action”, under “profile”, “birthday” shows up. I entered the data that should be updated. But when the button is actually clicked, the birthday collection never updates - it remains the same date of birth that was entered when the profile was first created.

I tried all the 3 different relationships. Is there a way to solve this?

Ideal outcome - after the user has made update to profile and clicked the submit button the profile is update with the new information (this is happening) and the birthday collection is also updated (this is not happening).

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