Not writing to Collections?

Anyone else having issues with the Collections? I have a simple button set up for when the user clicks it, their name is added to that collection parameter. It doesn’t seem to work today. Yet it has been working for the past two weeks and I have changed nothing?


I have the same issue with adding data to collections today.
I wrote to the support. I’am wating for answer.

Thank you @adilsasse! I hope it resolves soon as it’s difficult to test functions if things dont save :slight_smile

I have not heard of any issues regarding this functionality. I would very much like to look in to these issues directly. Can you please submit this info through our support system: Submit a Support Ticket

Hi Colin,
I wrote to the support but have no answer until now.
This is the ticket number : 277193803
Thank You

I have the same issue time to time
For example two days ago my workflow on button just do latest action (Link) and didn’t do update user and update appointment!

Yesterday the workflow was did partly. Quantity clients didn’t count, but User was added
Strange things

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