Updating an external collection in Adalo app deleting Airtable record 😳

Hello Adalo friends,

We are using an external collection (Airtable) to record orders. In this use case, we’re displaying past transactions filtered by the logged in user’s Adalo ID. Within the past transactions list, we have the rating component — users can rank their experience 1-5 which updates the matching order record in Airtable.

This was working a-okay yesterday. The user could go in, rate their experience, the Airtable record would updated properly, and the past transactions would properly display their updated review.

Then last night it stopped working. Now when a user rates the list item tied to the Airtable record, the Airtable record is wiped clean. More specifically, the row remains but all data within it is deleted other than the new rating. Within Airtable’s history, it shows this information was deleted “via API”.

Any thoughts as to why this worked and now stopped? And if so, any fixes?

Thanks everyone!

Have you got the ‘Update a Record’ endpoint method set up as Patch in your external collection? This sounds like the behaviour for Airtable external collections when the Update method is Put.


Oh my goodness. Thank you @imjohnston. In my rush of problem-solving mode, I did not even think to check if that had been changed.

Thanks again, that resolved the issue :).

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