Updating icon for webapp

Hello. Does anyone know how change the icon for a ‘save to home screen’ function? I would like for it to be my logo.

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I am having this problem too

Yes you can do this in the App settings under the gear icon on the left toolbar. Just make sure you save the settings after you upload the logo.

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Hi @pfordmedia, when you click ‘add to home screen’ on the ipad, the icon doesn’t save like it does on the phone. Is there a way around this? It seems to just save a screenshot of the page.

Hmmm I’ve had this happen before as well. Sometimes if i wait several seconds before clicking add it will update the icon to the correct one.

yeah I get that too but on the phone pwa.

I tried using that instead of the web version but it still does the same thing when saving to the home screen on iPad.

It just hangs on the image and doesn’t change to the app icon.