Upload files to Airtable

Hi, does anyone know how one can upload files from Adalo to an external database’s attachment field? Is it something that’s not possible right now, or can it be done using custom actions and the file picker?

Knowing how to do this will help me migrate a lot of my workflow fully to Adalo

This is completely possible right now with custom actions and webhooks.

In this example below I used Integromat for the webhook but you can use whatever you prefer.

Here I have set up a button to perform a custom action to send a text field to a webhook

This is the data body of the custom action:

and here is the data being received in integromat:

From this you could set up a module in integromat to download the file and then lastly another module to send that file to Airtable.

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Thank you so much for the detailed reply! :smiley: Exactly what I needed

Does the Integromat connection upload the file instantly or every 15 min (in the free plan)?

It’s a webhook so it is instant :slight_smile:

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Ahh that’s great, music to my ears :smiley:

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