Upload Image as Data to Adalo Database from Integromat

Hey team,

Is it possible to upload an image from Integromat as data to an image field in the Adalo database? According to Integromat it seems like this is not possible, and the only way is to add a URL to a text field. Is that true?

This is what Integromat suggested, but thats not what I want: Send new files from a Google Drive folder to an Adalo collection - Adalo Resources

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I think it’s true. If I’m wrong others will help you @creativechili. :blush: :blush:

Thank You :innocent: :innocent:

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Thanks, the reason is performance. It would be faster if loaded as an image as compared to URL, but I guess it’s not possible then. :slight_smile:


I’m experiencing this same issue. Internal collection attachments load MUCH faster than the url from Airtable. Pretty lame Adalo can’t take an image url allow it to be uploaded as an image.
Webflow can, Airtable can, really everyone can do this except Adalo.

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