Saving Image from Airtable Record into Adalo Database

What is the proper field type/set up needed to save an image from an Airtable record into an Adalo record?

I am using Airtable to host a static database with each record representing a different entry. Each record has a ‘Name’, ‘Image’, ‘Description’, ‘Created Date’ etc. columns. In the Adalo app, the user searches through the Airtable database, selects the correct entry, and then clicks “Add to Adalo” which allows the user to interact with their local version of the record in their Adalo database.

When I use the “Click Action” to create a new record in Adalo, I can map all of the Airtable fields to Adalo fields except for the image. If I click the drop down, it reads “Nothing Available” and I can’t figure out a way to incorporate the “url” field you would use in a custom list.

What is the correct way to pull the image from Airtable into Adalo?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey there,

I am currently trying to figure out the same thing how to show the image from an Airtable :thinking: Did you manage to resolve that? :slight_smile:

This might be helpful:


Thanks @Tommen

That unfortunately does not solve my issue. I’ve already configured it pull the “URL.” The issue is that now that it’s set up that way, the option to select that URL isn’t appearing when I go to map the Image field in Adalo to the Image field in Airtable

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I experienced this too so I run the test again and it finally appeared there. Otherwise hopefully someone more experienced will try to help with this :slight_smile: