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I have been trying to set up a profile page where the user can see and edit his information including an avatar or profile image. The form I used includes an image picker. The problem is when I try this feature on an installed APK on an android device it produces an error of permission which states the following:
" /storage/emulated/0/Download/test_image.jpg:openfailed: EACCES(Permission denied)"
However, when I open the app on the browser previewer on the same smartphone, it lets me upload the image without any issue.
I just want to add that I made sure I gave permission to my app from its settings page to access the camera and the storage.
Any help would be appreciated,

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Hi Hamza,

This is a know bug right now, I believe they are working on trying to fix it.

Please submit a support ticket.


@Hamzabou @James_App_Maker has this been resolved or is there an eta on a fix?

Just got a message from a user saying that they gave permission on an Android phone, but weren’t able to access their gallery to upload a profile picture.

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Hello, I have submitted a ticket to the support Yesterday, and I am waiting for a response.

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Happening to me too and still unsolved. The problem seems to occur with android users 10, 9, 8 …


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