Uploading images crashes - Native app

Hi all,

I recently discovered a bug when uploading images from your app natively. As soon as I tab on the image uploader then the crashes. That happens both on iOS and Android. It works when viewing it in the web version (PWA). I also looked at the permissions and the picture upload/camera permissions are set on Android but still it crashes? Any idea why? Thanks a lot.


I am experiencing that too.

The same for me, replacing image cause crash. Everything worked fine until today and I have never touched those components!

Hey everyone,

We are aware of the issue and the developers will be looking for a swift resolution to this as soon as they can.

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i have same WhatsApp-Video-2021-03-04-at-2

Is it possible to have an estimate on the time to repair the problem?
Because without this feature I am forced to block all my business.
Thanks so much

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Has this been resolved yet? It seems my apps are crashing if the file is over 10-20mb… ?

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