The App crashes when trying to take a picture

Hello Adalo Support,

Today we released a new version of our app with a small change we did yesterday. This change we already made, does not have to do with any photo the user takes in operations, however our team is experiencing troubles with all the photos they have to do, so we think that the problem is originated and regarding to the component “IMAGE”. Can you please help us to solve this problem as we need to operate necessarilly with the image component to take pictures to the customers houses.

I am attaching a video showing the app crashing when taking any picture.

Thanks in advance

Hi @fabian ,

Please submit support ticket.

Hi @fabian
I have the same problem. After updating, the app crashes on Android and is broken on iOS. I sent a ticket, but no result yet. :hot_face:

Hi @Kamil_Twins @fabian,

I’ve just made a fresh build of my test app on iOS and Android.
iOS picture uploading works just fine (both using Image Picker and Form with Image picker).
Android picture uploading crashes the app.

I would advise to submit a ticket for this. Also I’ve mentioned the issue in the internal Adalo Slack channel.

Hope they fix this soon.


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